Sometimes I'm a bit of a hoarder. I'm afraid of losing memories and I hold on to objects to hold on to those memories. I watched a documentary that showed at one point an African artist’s studio. There was an area where he kept larger supplies and because of the warm climate the top of the walls were open (below the roof’s overhang). My initial (over)reaction to this airy storage area was fear that a strong wind could carry off his supplies! I’m the next moment, I reacted with a sense of expansion and freedom. It was a metaphorical reminder to let down the artificial barrier I reinforce between myself and others. Between "what is mine" and what is "not mine." It’s really just an idea, and the time and energy I spend to maintain it is only buying time to hold onto the illusion that I have control. Maybe I can maintain this illusion throughout the duration of my lifetime, but do I want to? What value does that bring me? It feels like a clutter in the brain.

Sometimes the line between abundance and clutter can be elusive, when it’s about physical things. I think back to the airy studio and my sense of freedom. What can I let the wind blow away?