Finally home in the last hour of sunlight. I procrastinated until the grass was almost 3 feet high before rolling my eyes and dragging the mower to the backyard. Now there are thick, itchy clumps of grass cuttings to gather up. With only gloves and a recycling bin as my tools, I'm contemplating the ingenious utility of of a rake. Beneath the cuttings I find the lawn matted and yellowed, but I see buoyancy in the grass blades as the weight lifts away and I feel a subtle release in my own body.

Thunder warns too late of the impeding downpour. I work quickly, intending to finish up and corral the dog indoors but I get soaked immediately. How warm the rain is! How delightful the effect of the downpour, creating the soothing feeling of swimming in my T-shirt in this immense, effervescent pool of a backyard. Five short minutes of bliss and another ten of an increasingly cumbersome, clinging shirt, and I've earned the pizza and beer waiting inside.